2 things to do before moving

Create a moving checklist

There will be hundreds of things you need to do when you’re preparing to shift home. You can’t always rely on memory. So write them down. If you make a note of it on your hand or in your phone book, you’ll never forget it. Make a list of all the things you need to do before you actually move. That way, if something comes up and you find yourself with less time than you thought, you won’t be caught off guard and will have a head start instead of falling behind.

You can make a note of the tips mentioned below and use it as your personal checklist for moving house. It’ll remind you of all the little things you need to do before you move in so you’ll be able to settle in quickly and enjoy your new home.

Search for movers and get quotes

The best tips for moving house quickly is to hire a professional who can pack and move your entire household, and do it at the lowest possible cost. Finding the right moving company can be tricky. But identifying the right one out of many choices is not as easy as it sounds. The wrong movers can ruin your move. So learn the difference between a good mover and a bad one.

You must spend a lot of time (at least 2-3 hours) and do thorough research about local Nepali movers in your area. Then, make a short list of at least 2-3 companies and contact them to get their estimated cost of moving their entire operation to your facility.


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